Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lifestyle | Dating for the Modern Age (part 2)

I am sure you have seen by now that I have been on some kind of online/smart phone dating rampage lately (no, I don’t know why either), since my Dating Disasters Post went down well I posted all about my recent experiences with Tinder (here), which shall we just say was a little strange. Even after the post went up I was getting strange messages, but I have more or less given up on that method. Well anyway I thought that seeing as Tinder was only introducing me to the potential serial killers and body part collectors it was time to delve into the big bad world of internet dating, now I am not going to lie here this was mainly for blog purposes; I wasn’t under the illusion that I would find Mr Right so to be honest I didn’t take it all that seriously - but it seems others do. As well as all the silly and ridiculous messages (don’t worry we will get to them soon, I know that is why you are here) these were far outweighed by the guys who actually wanted to get to know me and wanted to start a friendship (of sorts), to be honest this scared the bejesus out of me. These people were serious about this, and not just serious I mean freakishly determined to find their one true love, serious to the point that a bit of polite conversation was not on the cards and it was straight down to the nitty gritty - marriage/kids/5 year plan.

It made me question what I am actually looking for; I mean these guys seemed to want either a quick fumble in the hay (oh err) or the full on package of a marriage with kids. Do I? I mean everyone wants a fumble in the hay but not on such a strange and quick basis, and I am sure there are plenty who want that 2.4 children and marriage scenario but do I? Am I really ready? To be honest going by the guys who wanted wedding bells I don’t think I am, dear lord they bored me to tears, if anything the potential serial killers were much more fun and had me laughing a lot more.

On a lighter note (sorry for the little soul searching intro, not like me at all) what really shocked me were the amount of weirdos who wanted to Skype. HA. If I turned the camera on I am sure they would change their mind pretty darn quickly, unless of course Lush face masks, jimjams and seeing someone shove a giant spoon loaded with Ben & Jerry’s in their pie hole is what guys are after now a days. No, that is not what this generation of men are after, this is....
Yes ladies that’s right, we have been going about it all wrong for years, what men really want is a chain smoking woman who can’t drive more than 50 metres without stalling and enraging every other person on the road. Apparently this is hot and sexy, so next time you are out to impress that handsome young man you have just spotted, shove a load of cigs in your mouth at one time before stalling in front of him, potentially causing an accident or maiming him - that’s the true way to a man’s heart; lung disease and major road traffic accidents.

So now you have bagged your man with your chain smoking ways and inability to use a clutch, he has fallen head over heels with you and so starts the pet names stage of your relationship. SUGAR FLOSS??? Someone pass me the sick bucket. Now once or twice I could have excused, but at the end of every message it makes me want to pull your eyelashes out one by one whilst screaming like an Army Commander. Now I don’t go in for pet names at the best of times but I do understand why people would use them, but to use such sickly sweet ones over and over is far too much.

Really want to get to know a person? Apparently this is done by questioning their drinking habits first and foremost. I was unsure if I was meant to be a raging alcoholic or a teetotaller, if the smoking/stalling guys are anything to go by I assume I should have told him I had finished off a bottle of gin for breakfast before moving on to some Super Tenants for Lunch.

Now I do not know what to make of this at all. The picture on the profile used was the one in my sidebar (scroll back up, do I look Mongolian?) I mean I did put on my profile I was ‘White’ ‘British’ and I am pretty sure Mongolians have nicer toned skin than my pasty paleness, not to mention dark black hair and completely different eye and nose shapes. I mean I am no Mongolian expert; I don’t have a degree in the features of the people of Mongolia or anything but I am pretty sure I don’t look Mongolian, and even any other ethnicity other than plain old boring White British come to think of it, if only everyone thought I looked exotic eh, I wouldn’t need to smoke, stall and drink to attract men. (Also I bet you are all going to Google Mongolia now, bet you can't guess where it is without Google).

Now this must be because I look like a famous Mongolian Pop Star right?!?! (in my dreams). I am on the internet, therefore my picture is most likely going to be all over the internet - in Facebook pictures and what not, that does in no way mean I have tried to steal my picture. I am not impersonating myself, nor am I off to a good start am I if potential matches already think I am a great big identity thief with a drinking problem.

So I finally got bored of trying to work out men and think of witty ways to explain away their complete and utter strangeness, so let's just laugh at them now huh? 

Despite all the above I have been chatting to two people (one from t’internet and the other from Tinder) and so far they seem pretty funny, normal, can spell, don’t use txt spk and don’t get a little too over excited by the thought of me smoking 5 cigs at once whilst downing a 2 litre bottle of Frosty Jacks. Neither are usually guys I would stop and stare at in the streets, but I am not exactly an oil painting and beggars can’t be choosers (not to mention it is getting increasingly harder to find a good looking tattooed and bearded guy dressed like an extra from This is England 85 - braces and boots included).
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review | Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara*

I have had many types of mascara in my time, I think I may have a ‘slight’ obsession and my mascara stash is rather large shall we say. I have tried plenty; big ones, little ones, curvy ones, good ones, bad ones, horrible ones (yes Maybelline Falsies I am looking at you), I have even tried the strange one from Avon - the Mega Effects. I always thought I knew what I liked in terms of mascara, what worked best for me and my short, straight stumpy eyelashes. I am not the best at handling a big brush (Benefits Bad Gal Lashes is a nightmare, I can just about handle They’re Real), strange curvy brushes baffle me (What is the Rimmel Rocking Curves all about?!) because I find these types of brushes difficult I generally try to avoid them, but when offered to try the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara (£9.00)* by Baobella I thought I would give it a try as I have seen amazing reviews on it, I wanted to test the hype for myself. 

First up the brush; I hate big brushes as I can’t seem to control them and end up with more product on my eyelids and in my brows than on my actual lashes BUUUUUT I found this to be rather easy to control and it grabbed my lashes well without transferring product onto my lids due to the thickness of the brush. Don’t get me wrong I did end up with a little bit of mascara on my lids but I usually do even with thin brushes, it’s more to do with my skill. The curved nature of the brush really grabs every little lash it can find, I didn't even know I had that many lashes. Not only does it grab every lash it can find but it also separates them really well, there is no clumping or making of spider lashes (you know where you end up with 6 really thick lashes).

Having an easy to use and good brush is only half the battle as we know though - consistency is a major factor when choosing mascara, we all like different things from watery to dry and everything in between. I myself much prefer a consistency on the drier side but it isn’t a deal breaker as even watery ones dry out a little after a few uses. I found the consistency to be perfect for me, not too wet that my lashes are drowning in excess products, and far from too dry either. Together the brush and product coat the lashes evenly and create a lovely fuller but subtle look with one coat, after layering up another coat your lashes are ready for a more dramatic look but not left looking clumpy at all. Ohhhh also it holds a curl pretty darn well too, I curled my lashes for a night out at around 6pm and they were still held in place at 3am in the morning, which is strange for my lashes as they usually refuse to behave and stay curled. My one tiny little issue with this mascara is that it doesn’t offer much in terms of lengthening, but then again it never promised it would.

Now we all know I love a bargain and good ol’ discount and at the moment the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara is currently half price as it is usually £18.00, so not only do you get 50% off but they are currently doing free delivery over £25, a free gift with your order (choose from 5 items priced between £7.50 and £33.00), also £3 off orders over £15.00 if you sign up to their newsletters and also if that isn't enough you can bag 3 free samples with your order. BARGAINS GALORE. 

Also you should go check out Baobella Boutique if you love a good bargain like I do, they have all sorts of different products each week with amazing discounts. 

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Lifestyle | Bloggers Holiday (part 2)

This post may get VERY LONG... If you saw my other Blogger Holiday post you will know that a few local Yorkshire bloggers packed up all our skincare and makeup and set off for a weekend away in a stunning cottage thanks to Sykes Cottages*. Seriously ladies and gents it’s gorgeous so go check out the 1st post for all the lovely homey pictures. After we arrived and spent a good hour or so exploring the cottage and aahhiinng and woowwwing about the place we unpacked and realised we had brought far too much of everything. Booze, food, makeup, cleansers, shoes and clothes. This was my first break away since starting blogging and gosh do bloggers go overboard, you would have thought we were leaving the country for good with the amount of crap we brought along.

To start off our little holiday we had Sammie and my Mummy cooking up some lovely Mexican grub and me & Kel pretending to know what we were doing when making BEERGARITAS, the manly version of a Margarita - in other words we threw some Coors Light and Tequila in a gorgeous jug* from along with anything else we could lay our hands on. After stuffing our faces with the amazing food and getting to meet our Holiday Mascot Derek the Piñata it was Pyjama and movie time... Queue lots of singing of ‘Do you wanna build a Snowman’ Yes we popped on Frozen, is it bad that until then I had never seen it? I love how Disney are changing with the times, how hot does Elsa look after her transformation *Twit Twoo* also love how Disney are like ‘Yeah Prince Charming isn’t what you think Ladies, beware he is actually a ne'er do well’. So after all declaring we needed an Olaf for the weekend and having a few (lot) more drinks and a sophisticated conversation (gossip) it was time for beddy byes.

So what do a load of Beauty Bloggers do when in the gorgeous countryside on a Saturday afternoon? Well they run off to Superdrug and TK Maxx to haul. Obviously. I didn’t join everyone to their trip to Kendall as it was my Mums birthday so we went for a stroll and some afternoon tea, as soon as everyone returned with all the new Bourjois Velvet Matte colours I knew I had missed out. Those things DO NOT BUDGE OFF YOUR LIPS. AT ALL. So what do 7 Beauty Bloggers and a Beauty Bloggers Mum do on a Saturday afternoon? Face Masks? Pamper Sessions? Manicures? HELL NAW - we watch the footy, that’s what we do and also have a nosey into each other’s makeup bags and drool over them. Me and Katie are both Arsenal fans so you can imagine the tension when it went to penalties, Katie screaming as I am trying to apply my liquid liner. TENSE. I am also so jealous of Katies and Sharons makeup bags, its like a highend makeup counter in their bags. So after much football and makeup talk we headed out for a quick drink in the local pubs, now this is where things get a little strange... 

Tune in later this week for more... *cliffhanger music*

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Some pictures were stolen from Simone, because I spent most of my weekend too drunk to use my camera :)

Review | New Look Inspire AX Curve Floral Print Dress*

Pppssstttt I have a little secret for you all, sometimes I feel a little bit lost when it comes to fashion, not in terms of what’s hot and what’s not - I generally wear what I want and don’t really go in for what the magazines tell me is cool - where I struggle is with fitting in... For me I am not slim enough or big enough to fit the ‘moulds’ for fashion sizes so sometimes shopping for me can be such a pain in the backside, but luckily as I am around a size 16/18 I can shop both the ‘normal’ and the ‘plus size’ sections - every cloud and all that. Traditionally the plus sizes ranges that stores offer have always been a little safe and boring but it seems they have cottoned on to the fact that some of us ladies above a size 16 do want to still dress nicely and not in a baggy jumper and sweats, so their ranges are now full of items that would flatter and accentuate curves whilst still being something you would want to wear, especially the New Look Inspire and the AX Curve in New Look ranges. 

The Inspire range at New Look is full of some amazing items this season, everything from Monochrome, to Folk, to Floral, oh and Pastels too (gotta love some spring time pastels). Also surprisingly for me I love the Monochrome Polka-Dot Skorts, not since the 90s did I think I would ever say those words again, what makes me love them even more is that they are cut to suit a curvier/fuller figure. The dresses in the range are all of a decent length, I thought mine was a little short but everyone assured me I was being a paranoid Polly. After taking pictures of the dress with me in it on a night out (I was hoping to use these on the blog, but turns out my eyes look rather, um drunk... anyway usually I hate my figure in dresses but the pictures were actually quite nice, a few times I remarked that my boobs looked great in the dress and not at all like a tube boob (all the big chested ladies out there know what I mean), my tummy looked half decent - a lot better than usual & the length was great. I hate when dresses are bum skimming as it's just not my style, but the floral print monochrome dress (£38)* is the perfect lengh for me. The pattern is absolutely stunning and I love that it’s both summery and transitional too. I love my new AX Curve New Look dress soooooooo much and think New Look especially have really stepped up to the plate when it comes to fashion in bigger sizes.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lifestyle | Bloggers Holiday with Sykes Cottages* (part 1)

A couple of weekends ago myself, my mum and a few other Yorkshire bloggers set off for a bloggers holiday in The Lakes. Usually when we all see each other it is at events or we can never get all together in one place to have a good ol’ natter, so going away for a long weekend was the perfect excuse to drink too much, eat EVERYTHING and have a little nosey through each other’s makeup bags. Thanks to Sykes Cottages we managed to find the perfect place for us all, as when it was left to me to pick somewhere I just wanted everywhere, luckily the amazing Louise was on hand to narrow down the selection for me. With help from Sykes Cottages we chose the amazing beautiful Mountain View in Arnside (Cumbria) for a 3 night blogger holiday. 

Just look at how pretty the apartment is... I want to live here. As soon as we arrived all you could hear from us was ‘wow’ ‘so pretty’ ‘much cuteness’ - it was like a Doge meme. The apartment was over 2 floors and slept 8, the bedrooms were just amazing but the real beauty of the place was the giant bay window in the living room looking out onto the Kent Estuary, not only that but the owner had left some binoculars on the bay seating so we could have a nosey at the locals, I mean do some sightseeing. They had thought of everything for the apartment, games, hairdryers, milk, bread and more importantly a lovely bottle of wine chilling in the fridge. Seriously, this place is like a beauty bloggers dream. Also the guy who owned it was so lovely, he called the night before we set off to make sure we knew where everything was and were all set, he was also on hand over the weekend for anything and to give us some tips on where to visit. 

The village is adorable too with a little high street of about 15 little shops and 2 pubs - easy enough for us to complete a pub crawl. This place is a walkers paradise as the surrounding area is amazingly beautiful, it’s just a shame we over indulged in the drinking so none of us were really in a ‘get your boots on we’re going trekking’ kind of mood, but ah well it just means we get to go again to do that. 

You know it has been a good time when as soon as you get back you are checking out the prices to go again in a few months. I always thought these kind of stay in the UK cottage holidays were expensive but I was actually quite surprised by how little they are for a week/weekend away. Sykes Cottages have a cottage and a location to suit every budget; for a week away at Mountain View in April it worked out at around £80* per person, which is amazing considering you could pay around £60 for a night in a run of the mill chain hotel. The beauty of checking into a cottage for the weekend is that you can all sit around in the same room in your jim jams with face masks on and cocktails in your hand. 

I can’t thank Sykes Cottages enough for their amazing customer service and lovely tweets over the weekend. Also thanks to the other bloggers for coming along and making it an amazing time and helping my Mummy feel welcome and helping to celebrate her birthday in a haze of cocktails and giggles. Go check out the other bloggers too to nosey at their pics - Sammie, Kel, Simone, Katie, Jess and Sharon

Want to see what we got up to whilst there? Well there will be another post (or maybe 2) with all the gory details and plenty of pictures *oh the shameful pictures*

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review & Wishlist | Emi Jewellery

I think I may have mentioned on my blog before that when it comes to jewellery I am not one for big expensive gold/silver pieces due to my ability to lose everything and anything, but also because with the ever changing fashions it’s easier and cheaper to be on top of it with costume jewels. Now browsing through the Emi Jewellery site is like my dream, they have everything from Boho necklaces to Giraffe earrings, originally this post was going to be a review of the earrings I received but I also decided to make it into a wishlist too, you know because it’s my blog and if I want to be a rebel I can haha, but in all honesty it is because there are just soooooooo many pretties. 

The Double Drop Earrings* I was sent are so pretty and will look perfect with a messy thrown up bun hairstyle for a night out. The green coloured gems are stunning and would suit any skin tone, especially paler ladies. The earrings are well made and rather sturdy too, as sometimes with costume style jewellery the fixings can be a little flimsy feeling, even more so with my heavy hands. 

The earrings were sent from Switzerland and arrived extremely fast, not to mention very well packaged so there was no chance of damage. I have ordered things from Mainland Europe before and have sometimes found the delivery time to take ages but these were here within a couple of days which was a lovely surprise. I will definitely be ordering more from Emi Jewellery, and here is what I have my eye on for future orders.... 

As a self confessed Twitter addict these cute little Hashtag Earrings (€2.50) would be perfect for me, and these will be going straight into my basket when I do my payday treat order. Now I am reliably informed (by Twitter no less) that yellow is all the rage this SS14 so as I am not brave enough to rock a yellow outfit I am going to be rocking the yellow trend with some pretty accessories so this Neon Yellow Collar Necklace (€23.00) is perfect. I adore this Glass Chilli Pepper Bracelet (€15.00) it’s so pretty and eye catching, I can just imagine this being perfect for festival season, you know Chilli Peppers, Music... Now this just screams sunset cocktails to me (maybe that’s because I love any excuse for a cocktail) but I can just see this looking stunning with a Maxi Dress in a pretty sunny location. Now I just need a pretty sunny location for this gorgeous Gem Stone Necklace (€15.00)

Also they have something called The UniQue collection which is all handmade jewels using materials such as Swarovski Crystals, also with the pieces being limited you won’t find lots of people rocking the same necklace/bracelet as you. 

Have you had a look on the site yet? What will you be placing an order for or lusting after?

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Review | Twist Mojito Cocktail Box*

I do love a cheeky little drink every now and then especially a cocktail plus I also like subscription boxes (when they are good that is) so obviously I was going to be more than a little excited upon seeing the latest subscription box to hit the interweb. A cocktail subscription. I repeat A COCKTAIL SUBSCRIPTION BOX. GO GO GO *said in shouty police man voice before high speed chase commences*. You can thank me later for bringing this to your attention. 

Twist offer specific cocktail boxes each month for £24.99, you can either subscribe to the boxes or purchase a one off box every now and then when the fancy takes you. So far past boxes have included, Manhattens, Mojitos and Tequila. Each box comes with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail and enough of the ingredients to make 4 cocktails, not only that but if you fancy trying your hand at being a proper mixologist they even sell various cocktail making kits that include mixers, muddlers and shakers. 

So in my March Mojito Box (£24.99)* I got Mint Leaves, Ginger Ale, A Lime, Balsamic Vinegar, Monin Sugar Syrup, Grand Marnier and 2 bottles of White Rum, the idea being that you can make a Classic Mojito, A Ginger Mojito, A Strawberry Mojito and a Grand Mojito - some cocktails may require you to source a few extras, but nothing major or that you would find difficult to get your hands on. The box itself looks lovely and the little mini bottles are so cute and can be re-used, personally I think it is perfect to take along to a party or to give as a gift to someone - not to mention a great way to discover new cocktails and add new recipes to your mental library to impress folk. I know what people are getting from me for birthdays this year. 

What box are you looking forward to seeing?

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review | Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum*

Since the winter months I have been loving serums as part of my skincare routine, especially anything hydrating and soothing on my poor winter ravaged skin, but even now as the season has changed I can't get enough of them. Avene are a french brand that I hadn't really heard much of to be honest, except from reading reviews which all seemed to be great, but apart from that I hadn't seem them around. Avène is a French Skincare brand that has created a line of skincare for sensitive skin, and although I don't suffer from overly sensitive skin it is nice to give my skin a little break from my usual harsher products every now and then. I have been using the Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum* for a few weeks now, which is currently on offer at Escentual for £14.25 for 30ml (rrp £17.00)

The Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum contains a high concentration of Avene Thermal Spring Water, which is known for it's soothing properties, especially in cases of dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema . And we all need a little bit of soothing every now and again. The serum itself feels lovely on the skin; cool, fresh, lightweight, not sticky or gel like and it sinks in really easily, my skin just seems to drink it up. I have been using 2-3 pumps morning & night and have generally seen an improvement in my skin, although I had been using serums before this so it wasn't a drastic improvement; my skin seems a little calmer in terms of redness and also my mouisturiser is absorbed a lot quicker after using the Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum. I am rather happy with this serum and can't wait to try out more from the brand, I now have my eye on the Avene Clearance Cleansing Water & the Avene Clearance Soapless Gel Cleanser.

Also it is worth noting that Escentual have a French Pharmacy section that has lots of amazing brands such as Nuxe, Bioderma, La Roche Posay & Avene, so I can see this as being my new favourite place to shop. 

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*PR Sample sent for consideration of an honest review. All images, views & words are my own
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